Watt, Cline, Honda and Bowne to Release Album as Floored by Four

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Members of Snow Patrol, R.E.M. and Belle and Sebastian aren’t the only musicians forming supergroups these days. Pitchfork reports that Mike Watt (Minuteman and Stooges bassist) has teamed up with Nels Cline (guitarist for Wilco), keyboardist Yuka Honda (formerly of Cibo Matto) and drummer Dougie Bowne (Iggy Pop/Brian Eno/John Cale collaborator), to create Floored by Four.

While the eclectic formation has yet to release any audio clips or tracks, their sound has reportedly been influenced by Miles Davis, Captain Beefheart, Booker T, Sonic Youth, Can and Sun Ra. The band has been signed to Chimera and will release their self-titled debut Sept. 28.