WB's New Lego Movie Gets Directors

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When Phil Lord and Chris Miller decided to apply for a job directing Warner Brothers’ upcoming Lego movie, they had a lot of convincing to do. Not only did the duo (responsible for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs) have to pitch Warner for the opportunity, they had to pitch Lego as well, reports Reuters.

After Lord and Miller finished meeting with WB execs about their vision for the project, they flew to “Bricks by the Bay,” a Lego conference in Fremont, where they presented their ideas to Lego brass. Apparently, Lego maintains a tight grip on its brand and has kept this project under its thumb from the beginning.

Luckily for Lord and Miller, both Lego and Warner Bros. liked their ideas for the film, which include the combination of live-action and animation as production mediums.

The $243 million Cloudy raked in worldwide might also have been an influencing factor. Maybe.

Whatever the reason may have been, Lord and Miller got the job. They’re expected to start production after they wrap up their current project, a movie adaptation of the TV series 21 Jump Street.