Amanda Palmer Brings in $15,000 on Bandcamp in Three Minutes

Amanda Palmer
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Amanda Palmer, most recently of Radiohead-ukelele-cover fame, has effectively made herself a poster girl for, the musician-friendly site where artists can host and sell their discography and merchandise. Palmer made headlines last Tuesday when she sold over $15,000 worth of music and merchandise in just three minutes and over 4,000 copies of her EP by the end of the day.

Palmer’s album, Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele, consists of seven Radiohead covers, sold on her Bandcamp site in both digital and vinyl forms. The vinyl is now sold out, as well as all of the larger package deals, though digital downloads and t-shirts are still available. Palmer, who asked Roadrunner Records to drop her from the label in April of last year, released the album last week sans management or a label. Fans can pay a minimum of 84 cents for the album.

Bandcamp is a popular choice of late for DIY musicians. The company takes 15 percent commission on digital sales and 10 percent on physical sales.