Amy Adams to Play Janis Joplin in Biopic, Maybe

Amy Adams
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The tale of the Janis Joplin biopic is a long and sordid one: two previous projects with big names involved have fallen through, disappearing into oblivion without ever having been made. The Squid and the Whale producer Peter Newman has been trying to make The Gospel According to Janis for nearly a decade; Renée Zellweger was involved in another attempt, Piece of My Heart, back in 2003. Now, Rolling Stone reports that actress Amy Adams is signed on to play the raspy-voiced songstress in a biopic directed by City of God guru Fernando Meirelles.

Although no studio is attached to the release of the movie, Fox Searchlight has owned the script for years. But with big-name talent, including Marty Bown and Wyck Godfrey of Twilight saga enormity set to produce, this movie might actually happen.

Amy Adams  has both musical and biopic credits in her repertoire with Enchanted and Julie & Julia, respectively. Should it not suffer the fate as its predecessors, the film, called Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can, could start production as early as next year.