Devo Launches a Reality Show

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Devo  wants to make you happy. This was evident enough from the making of the band’s latest album, for which the new-wavers solicited advice through fan focus groups, and from the resulting album’s crowd-pleasing title _Something for Everybody. Now, Mothersbaugh & Co. have further embraced all avenues of modern technology to create a weekly web-only “reality show” that chronicles the band’s, well, use of modern technology.

The trailerembedded invites fans new and old to follow Devo into a “devolved world” as they “shake hands with corporate America, focus-group test everything, and learn how to market themselves and their music to appeal to everybody.”

The first episode features the new CEO of Devo, Inc., hired to bring the band into modernity, proving that the band is taking “branding themselves” and embracing modern culture very seriously. And, of course, there is no shortage of people sporting Energy Domes.

The show began June 15 and new episodes are released every Tuesday at ClubDevo.

Watch the first episode of “Something for Everybody” below: