Great Gatsby: The Videogame!

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Have you tired of jacking cars and mingling with drug lords in Grand Theft Auto? Had your fill of Orc and Troll slaughter in World of Warcraft? Why not try your hand at The Great Gatsby Game?

I-play Games has developed a videogame based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. For the bargain price of $6.95, gamers can download The Great Gatsby Game, launch themselves into the high-society, low-morality world of East and West Egg and wade neck-deep into all the excess and depravity of Gatsby, Daisy, Jordan, Tom…the whole gang!

“But how does it work,” you ask?

According to I-play, Gatsby is a “hidden object game” (think Where’s Waldo, only with cigars and decanters), but there are exciting supplementary diversions as well, like solving word puzzles on an old-school typewriter and mixing the perfect afternoon toddy. And while players hunt for objects and shake martinis, they listen to narration taken straight from Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.

Not exactly Modern Warfare, but lit. professors need videogames, too, right? We just have one question, I-play: When’s The Anna Karenina Game coming out?