Comedy Central Greenlights Jon Benjamin Has a Van

H. Jon Benjamin
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Many of you may know him as Coach McGuirk or a talking can of vegetables, but now, comedy mainstay H. Jon Benjamin is finally getting his own show.

Comedy Central announced yesterday that they were greenlighting Jon Benjamin Has a Van, a sketch comedy show starring the voiceover vet (Home Movies, Archer). The network has placed a 10-episode order for the show, executive-produced by Benjamin, Andrew Steele and Funny Or Die.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van will be a “newsmagazine-style sketch show” in which Benjamin plays a roving reporter traveling in the titular tricked-out automobile and bringing his own irreverent twist to the feature-story format. “Not since de Tocqueville has there been a more insightful look into the fabric of America and the people who live in it and I’m not just saying that because I read that book and you didn’t. Anyway, if you hate everything French, there’s a shot you will love this show,” Benjamin said in a release from Comedy Central.

The announcement follows the news of Benjamin’s Emmy nomination for Voice-Over Performance for his work on FX’s raunchy animated spy series Archer.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van will begin production this fall and air in summer 2011.