James Franco, Gary Shteyngart Join Forces For Super Sad Promo

James Franco
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In Random House’s promo video (via HeebMagazine.com) for Gary Shteyngart’s third novel, Super Sad True Love Story, Maria Emmighausen sums up why the author is so inspiring: “He came from nowhere…and he’s still kind of nowhere.”

Except that’s not particularly true. Shteyngart made The New Yorker’s “20 Under 40” list earlier this summer and his upcoming dystopian romance of a third novel follows on the heels of two more critically lauded works, The Russian Debutante’s Handbook and Absurdistan.

As it turns out, Shteyngart is pretty funny on-camera too, as he fakes illiteracy, plays with a dachshund and leads a Columbia University seminar on ‘How to Behave at a Paris Review Party’ (“Not so Jewish!” he commands a glass-swirling student) in the promo video. Oh, and James Franco’s makes an appearance as one of Shteyngart’s young literary disciples. And Jay McInerney’s in it too. Not bad, right?

Super Sad True Love Story will be available July 27.

Watch the promo below: