Learn to Play The National From...The National

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, Self, I sure wish someone from The National would teach me how to play a killer jam off their new record, High Violet,” well, your highly-specific thirsts have been quenched!

Multitalented musician Aaron Dessner, The National’s guitarist/bassist/pianist, recently stopped by Canada’s Q TV to give some piano lessons. In just under seven minutes Dessner explains the piano part to “England,” High Violet’s penultimate song.

As Dessner says, “England” is “quite simple. It goes once through the basic progression and then when it comes back down to the root chord the guitars start, and the guitars are also thirds, except they’re also fifths. There’s four guitar parts and they’re all interlocking, playing eighth notes along with the piano, kind of giving it a pulse.”

Quite simple, huh? Riiiight. Watch the entire lesson below: