Neverland Ranch to Become State Park?

Michael Jackson
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In 2005, after he was acquitted of child molestation, Michael Jackson moved away from the Neverland Ranch. He said frequent police investigations of the property (containing at its peak a zoo and a slew of roller coasters) had ruined the splendor of the place for him. Jackson later sold the property to a private equity firm to avoid its foreclosure.

Since Jackson’s death in 2009, the Ranch has been co-owned by that firm and Jackson’s family. But if California Assemblyman Mike Davis has anything to say about it, the name on the title may soon be John Q. Taxpayer. According to CBS News, Davis says he may sponsor a bill next legislative session that would call for the State of California to purchase the Neverland Ranch and turn it into a state park.

No word yet on how a state currently $19 billion in the hole might pay for said ranch, or what exactly Davis expects Californians to do there (Frisbee where the tiger cages used to be?) He said he plans to fully research the issue before he proposes anything.

In the meantime, the Neverland Ranch remains closed.

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