Paste Presents: The Mad Men Takeover

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Ever since the Party Down series finale, the TV landscape has been as bleak as, well, commercial radio. But fear not, intrepid couch potato: Mad Men is back. To celebrate (as we’re apt to do), we’re going completely overboard with our Mad Men coverage. Yes, it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Men Takeover. We talk to an indie band called The Don Drapers. We excerpt the Mad Men Footnotes book, teach you how to stock your bar and look at Hollywood’s relationship with smoking. We have videos of the best Mad Men parodies, a vintage ads gallery and a hilariously cheesy recruitment video Jon Hamm did for the University of Missouri. We even have a GIF gallery in tribute to the infamous Lawn Mower Scene, simply because it was worth revisiting. And, to prove to that when we say overboard, we mean overboard, we have our 140 Favorite Tweets from Mad Men characters. All this, and more. Peruse at your leisure; we’ll be drinking scotch.

Artist of the Day: Catching Up With… Mad Men Theme Music Composer RJD2

List of the Day: Ten Ridiculous 1960s TV Ads

Poll: Who is the Least Horrible Mad Men Character?

Watch a Hilariously Cheesy University of Missouri Recruitment Ad Featuring Jon Hamm

Mr. Draper Will See You Now: Paste’s Mad Men Archives

Think You Have What it Takes to Work at Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce)?

140-Character Characters: The Best of Twitter’s Very Strange Mad Men Alterna-Universe

Book Excerpt: Mad Men Unbuttoned: A Romp Through 1960s America

The Best One-Liners From the Women of Mad Men

Don Draper: The Mixtape

Lionsgate and AMC in Talks to Extend Mad Men Deal

Seven Marketing Campaigns That Make Us Feel Like We’re Still Living in the Mad Men Era

Watch Boston-Themed Mad Men Spoof, MA Men

Jon Hamm to Guest Star on The Simpsons

A Conversation With the Lead Singer of the Don Drapers

Whiskey Toothpaste, Chicken Candy and Hot Dr. Pepper: Inexplicably Real Ads from the Don Draper Decade

Awesome of the Day: Betty Draper, Mommy Blogger

Guess Who has a Letter From President Obama Hanging by His Office?

Drink Like a Mad Man: The Essentials for a Respectable Home Bar

Banana Republic Wants to Help Get You on Mad Men

Hollywood and Smoking: A Brief History

The Mad Men GIF Party: Everyone’s Invited!

Schooling Mad Men: An Advertising Professor and Student Discuss the Show

Seven Hilarious Mad Men Parody Videos, Plus One Simpsons Opening

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