Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer Join Forces for Despicable Me

Pharrell Williams
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N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer are together at last. Wait. What?

It’s true, and the new 3D Steve Carell flick Despicable Me (out today) is responsible for the unlikely collaboration. The soundtrack to the film features music written and produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer.

“Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Prettiest Girls,” and “Rocket’s Theme” are three of Pharrell’s original tracks, and the movie’s score was co-produced by he and legendary composer and score producer, Hans Zimmer. (He’s the guy responsible for the tear-jerking music in The Lion King and the dynamic score of 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, among many other notables.) As if that weren’t enough, Pharrell also had a hand in writing and producing a song called “Minion Mambo” by The Minions and Robin Thicke’s “My Life” for the film’s soundtrack.

If you’re curious as to what Pharrell’s venture into the world of soundtrack scoring sounds like, you can hear it all when the album drops next Tuesday, July 6.