Watch a Music Video From Phil Spector's Wife, Rachelle Spector

Rachelle Spector
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Rachelle Spector, the wife of incarcerated producer Phil Spector, is not only releasing her album Out of My Chelle today, but she has also created the album’s first music video. Out of My Chelle is being hailed as “Spector’s first major production for 30 years,” and features 10 tracks arranged, produced, engineered, and co-written by Spector himself, according to album credits.

Mrs. Spector, 30, spoke to the New York Post recently about her album and her relationship with her jailed husband, whom she met only a few years before his 2007 trial for the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson. The pair married in 2006, and together recorded Out of My Chelle during a brief period when Mr. Spector was out on bail before his conviction in 2009.

Mrs. Spector laid rumors of “gold digging” to rest, saying “People have this image that I’m living it up in this mansion. Let me tell you, I drive two and a half hours to see my husband in jail. I have been through all of it, the whole grueling thing. I read through 40,000 pages of court documents during the trial, I know this story inside and out. People say, ‘She’s a gold digger.’ There’s nothing I haven’t heard, but I’m not whatever people say I am. If I were … I’d be sitting by a pool somewhere. My husband knows I’m a good person.”

As for the music itself, she believes that the combination of this album and the Spectors’ upcoming appeal to release her husband from jail will join forces to make “2010 our year,” she tells the Post. She hopes that Out of My Chelle will be “a major changing point in the Phil Spector legacy,” she says. “I talked to my husband yesterday, and he said he’s more excited about this project than he was about The Beatles or Tina Turner.”

You can watch the video for “Here in My Heart” below:

“Here In My Heart” by Rachelle Spector from Rachelle Spector on Vimeo.