RIP Melvin Bliss

Melvin Bliss
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Melvin Bliss, the man behind the 1973 classic “Synthetic Substitution” that has been sampled in over 94 songs, died Monday, Turntable Lab reports.

Not much is known about Bliss’s life, including his age, but his legacy in soul and hip-hop is clear. “Synthetic Substitution,” known best for its recognizable drum break, has been sampled by artists including the Wu-Tang Clan, Naughty By Nature, Biz Markie, De La Soul, Ghostface Killah, Ice-T, Public Enemy, L.L. Cool J, Run-DMC, Tupac, Slick Rick, and N.W.A. A full list of the songs that sample “Synthetic Substitution” can be viewed at The Breaks database.

Parts of an upcoming documentary about Bliss can be viewed on YouTube, though further information about this is unavailable.

Listen to “Synthetic Substitution” here: