Felice Brother Recovering Well After Open-Heart Surgery

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Fans of the Felice Brothers and The Duke & The King can all breathe a sigh of relief: Simone Felice is going to be just fine.

As we learned early last month via a note on The Duke and The King’s Facebook page, former Felice Brothers singer-slash-drummer Simone Felice had emergency open-heart surgery as a result of his Aortic Stenosis—a potentially life-threatening condition.

Felice had surgery at Albany Medical Center last month. He was given a pacemaker, and all remaining June tour dates were cancelled. Things apparently went just fine, though, as Felice himself posted an update on the band’s Facebook. “Beloved Friends,” it reads. “I’m alive. Got my breast-bone sawed in two and my lungs collapsed and the main valve of my heart replaced by a carbon device that ticks like a pocket watch to the beat of my blood for the rest of my days, but I’m alive.”

In addition to this painful-to-read description of his surgery, Felice also mentions that he is writing songs again and that he looks forward to all the future scheduled tour dates and the release of The Duke and The King’s upcoming album, Long Live The Duke & The King, due out in September.