Read an Excerpt from Sloane Crosley's New Book of Essays

Sloane Crosley
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Bestselling essayist Sloane Crosley is back with another collection of life stories, only this time, the setting is different. Her 2008 debut, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, was about New York. How Did You Get This Number finds Crosley in Lisbon, Portugal, a city she chose by way of the good old close-your-eyes-and-spin-the-globe trick.

“The first time I did it, I pointed to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” she told NPR. “And I thought, well, no one’s here to see me cheat… and spun the globe again.”

Number, released on June 15, gives us nine more humorist takes on the everyday happenings of Crosley and her friends, including her trip to Lisbon, as well as times spent in Paris and Alaska. Publisher’s Weekly described them as, “fresh, funny, and eager to be loved.”

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