Watch a Hilariously Cheesy University of Missouri Recruitment Ad Featuring Jon Hamm

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This story is a part of our Mad Men Takeover. Season four of the series premieres on AMC this Sunday, July 25.

Before he was Don Draper, he was Jonathan Hamm, cutting his teeth in university productions of Assassins and Cabaret.

He may have Golden Globes under his belt and he may sweep us off our feet as Draper, but Hamm’s performance in this recruitment ad for his alma mater, the University of Missouri, from whom he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English in 1993, well, let’s just say he’s probably not going to win any awards for it.

The spot, which aired in fall 2009 during football season, features distinguished alumni, including CBS News anchor Russ Mitchell, fashion designer Jennifer Ouellette and Hamm, responding to the across-the-stadium “M-I-Z!” chant with overly animated “Z-O-U!”s.

“Z-O-U forever,” indeed, Mr. Hamm.

Watch the ad below: