Badly Drawn Boy Trumpets First Studio Album in Four Years, Part of Trilogy

Badly Drawn Boy
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Damon Gough, sole proprietor of Badly Drawn Boy, has announced his forthcoming album It’s What I’m Thinking Part One: Photographing Snowflakes, the first disc in a trilogy, will be released on Oct. 12.

The End Records will release the trilogy, which is titled It’s What I’m Thinking.

Gough’s first non-soundtrack album since 2006’s Born in the U.K., Snowflakes marks the first installment in a three-piece body encompassing a recent surge of creativity. He credits this intense inventive streak to his catalytic work writing the soundtrack to U.K. TV series The Fattest Man in Britain.

Badly Drawn Boy kicks off a UK tour in October. Expect a stateside tour to follow later in the fall.

The record’s single, “Too Many Miracles,” is out now on iTunes Aug. 24.

It’s What I’m Thinking Part One: Photographing Snowflakes tracklisting:

1. In Safe Hands
2. The Order of Things
3. Too Many Miracles
4. What Tomorrow Brings
5. I Saw You Walk Away
6. It’s What I’m Thinking
7. You Lied
8. A Pure Accident
9. This Electric
10. This Beautiful Idea

Give a truncated demo version of “In Safe Hands” a listen at Badly Drawn Boy’s myspace.