Inception Gets Rare Chinese Release

Chinese audiences will now have the opportunity to have loud, unceasing debates over the ending of Inception too.

Christopher Nolan’s dream-scape thriller will be one of a handful of international blockbusters released in China this year, the Associated Press reports.

Under current policy, China chooses 20 high-demand foreign films to import and shares the revenue with the studios. For smaller-scale foreign films, the China Film Group purchases import rights at a flat rate.

Inception, which will be released in China in September in IMAX format, hit the theaters of Hong Kong on July 29, earning $2 million by Monday, though that sum seems a bit small compared to its total U.S. box office earnings of $193 million and an additional $171.5 million internationally, according to Box Office Mojo.

Past American films to make the cut for import to China include last year’s box-office smash Avatar (which earned $204 million at Chinese box offices), Kung Fu Panda and installments of massively popular franchises like Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Nolan’s last summer hit, 2008’s The Dark Knight, was not released in China, a decision Warner Bros. attributed to “cultural sensitivities” according to the AP.