Fans, Bob Saget Interview Ben Folds

Ben Folds
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When an artist is about to release a new album or embark on a new tour, there’s generally some press coverage. It’s no different for piano man Ben Folds, whose Nick Hornby collaboration, Lonely Avenue, drops late this September. Well, maybe it’s a little different.

A few weeks ago a post on Folds’ website appeared, calling for applications for “15-20 potential fan interviewers to conduct a series of live 10 minute online video interviews with Ben Folds in the run up to the release.” According to the post, submissions in the form of sample questions could be made via his Twitter (#lonelyavenue), Facebook or Myspace. Additionally, fans could enter via Facebook to interview British novelist Nick Hornby, who penned the lyrics to his upcoming album with Folds.

Entries were submitted August 12-17, and the first interview aired last week was with Josh Sondock and Lauren Gardier. The day after, Bob Saget interviewed Folds.

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