Celebrate International Read Comics in Public Day Tomorrow

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The folks at The Daily Cross Hatch, a blog specializing in covering all aspects of alternative comics, have invited others to join them tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 28) for the official International Read Comics in Public Day.

Editor in Chief Brian Heater says on International Read Comics in Public Day’s official site that the idea of IRCiP Day came as a solution to remedy his mild mortification at reading graphic novels on his public transit commute. “Comics are now widely accepted as a legitimate and vibrant art form,” Heater said on IRCiP Day’s site. “So why do I still feel a bit embarrassed to let strangers know about my not-so-secret passion?”

Thus, in a philanthropic effort to dissolve the stigma attached to comic-reading throughout the general public, Read Comics in Public Day was born.

Heater and the rest of the gang at Hatch invite everyone to take it to the streets and proudly perch anywhere public, plugging away at a comic book (or a stack of stack of them) to spread the good word of graphics.

And if the comic-awareness approach doesn’t get yah, Hatch entices interested people with contests offering potential prizes and treats.