Sufjan Stevens Announces New Full-Length Album

Sufjan Stevens
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Last week we brought you the happy news that Sufjan Stevens was streaming his new All Delighted People EP, and now he’s has announced that a new full-length recording is on the way.

The Age of Adz (pronounced “odds”) will be available on CD and MP3 on Oct. 12, and a double-LP will hit stores on Nov. 9. Pre-order it here within the next two weeks, and you’ll receive an early MP3 download of the album on Sept. 28. Booyah.

“The Age of Adz (pronounced “odds”) differs from Stevens’ previous works in its lack of conceptual underpinnings,” states a release from his label, Asthmatic Kitty. “The album relinquishes the songwriter’s former story-telling techniques for more basic proclamations unhindered by concepts: there are few narrative conceits or character sketches, no historical panoramas, no civic gestures, no scene, setting, conflict, resolution or denouement. Rather, the themes developed here are neither historical nor polemical, but rather personal and primal: love, sex, death, disease, illness, anxiety and suicide all figure in the songwriting.”

The recording was inspired by the works of artist Royal Robertson, whose painting also lends itself to the album’s cover.