The Swell Season Announces Hiatus

Update: Presumably in an effort to correct the folks on the internet who don’t understand the definition of the word “hiatus,” Glen Hansard has taken to his Twitter account to reassure fans that all is not lost: “If anyone is going to announce the end of The Swell Season it’ll be us.. Forget what anyone else says.. Were not breaking up..”

It’s been a rough week for Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season. Just days after a fan committed suicide onstage at their Saratoga, Calif. show, the duo has announced that they are going on hiatus.

The decision to part ways seems unrelated to the Saratoga tragedy, however, and the pair will still perform the remainder of their European fall tour dates. Hansard told that he and Irglova are pursuing different musical projects. “I’ll go back to The Frames, and Mar will make her own record at some point,” he said. “This band will eventually naturally end. But right now, all of us are just so grateful.”

The duo (which snagged an Oscar for Best Original Song with 2006’s “Falling Slowly”) forged ahead with their collaboration this past year despite ending their romantic relationship, and the two appear to be on good terms. Hansard said he’s looking forward to Irglova’s solo material. “I love the way she writes,” he said. “I think she’s an incredible songwriter, and I think she could make a really beautiful, beautiful record. I have no doubt, in fact.”

Watch Irglova perform “Crossroads” below: