Watch Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy Chat and Play Music at the Wilco Loft

Mavis Staples
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As previously reported, Jeff Tweedy served as the producer of Mavis Staples’ forthcoming album, You Are Not Alone. A new video of Staples and Tweedy in Wilco’s Chicago loft space, where You Are Not Alone was recorded, shows the musicians talking about how their relationship started and how the idea for the title track came into being.

“There’s definitely people that suffer from a lot of loneliness, but I think the idea is, in my mind, even in loneliness, you’re not alone,” Tweedy explains. “Because a lot of other people are alone, and that’s a very, very difficult thing for people to see in their darkest moments. But to be reminded, if there’s any way to remind people of that, I think it’s helpful. I think it’s part of what music’s about.”

For more behind-the-scenes pieces of wisdom from him and Staples, and to hear them sing parts of “You Are Not Alone,” watch the video below: