Jimmy Page Charging $685 For His Autobiography

Jimmy Page
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The face-melting Led Zeppelin/Yardbirds guitarist is set to charge just under $700 for his upcoming memoir Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, out Sept. 27 on Genesis Publications.

Although, understandably, at age 66 Page doesn’t swing the axe around like he did back in the wild Zep days, he proves that he can certainly still swing a monster price tag on his new publication.

Rather than traditional textual anecdotes, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page contains 500 pages of photographs Page hand-selected to depict his musical career starting with his choirboy days. Not many photos showcase his private or family life.

“I thought that a career in pictures was really the best way to do it at this stage, but I wouldn’t discount the idea of an autobiography,” Page told the New York Times.

He also suggests folks not grow too antsy for a verbally-based follow-up as long as he’s got a pulse.

“That’s probably as good as it’s going to get: this visual documentary, and then possibly, if I ever get around to it, doing a book that comes out posthumously,” he told NYT.

But don’t expect raunchy backstage shots in Jimmy confirming any groupie gossip legends. Page asserted that he wanted to keep focused only towards the music.

So why exactly does the book so wallet-thinning? Well, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page comes authentically autographed by the guitar god. Also, a meager 2,500 copies of the Moroccan leather, hand-bound memoirs will be dispersed. Better take out a loan and act now.