Ears We Trust: True Blood/Dexter Music Supervisor Gary Calamar

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Go Music president and Grammy-nominated producer Gary Calamar is music supervisor for TV shows True Blood, House and Dexter. He DJs Sunday nights on KCRW in Santa Monica, and has just released the book Record Store Days. Here’s what he’s listening to and loving.

Freelance Whales: Weathervanes (FRENCHKISS / MOM+POP)
The five-piece band from the streets and subways of NY mixes synthesizers with banjo, glockenspiel, harmonium and, um, waterphone? Far out and beautiful.

Best Coast: Something In, The Way and Make You Mine EPs (POST PRESENT MEDIUM, GROUP TIGHTENER)
Sun-bleached and fuzzed-out girl group sounds from the City of Angels.

David Bowie: Hunky Dory (EMI)
A perfect album of timeless, cinematic pop. All killer, no filler: “Life On Mars?,” “Queen Bitch,” songs about Warhol and Dylan. Smart and fun. Released one year before Ziggy Stardust, when changes were a-happening. “Kooks” kills me every time.

Big Star: Keep An Eye On The Sky (RHINO)
Whenever I listen, I discover a new favorite song for all time. “September Gurls” and “Thirteen” are simply brilliant. R.I.P. Alex Chilton and Andy Hummel.

Various Artists: One More Record Please (BEAR FAMILY)
A record about records from mostly obscure country and rockabilly artists. For those who were born in ‘45 and turned 33 in ‘78. Go down to your local record store and check it out.

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