Frightened Rabbit, The National, Interpol Cover The Philistines Jr.

Frightened Rabbit
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Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights, Frightened Rabbit’s The Winter of Mixed Drinks, The National’s Boxer and Jónsi’s Go are but a few of the best records released in recent years.

What else do they have in common? Well, for starters, they were all produced by The Philistines Jr.’s Peter Katis in his Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Conn. Returning the favor, Frightened Rabbit, The National, Jónsi and many others have teamed up to compile If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods…?, a collection of Philistines Jr. remixes and covers set for release this fall.

If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods…? is a compilation album, but it will also serve as a companion to If a Band Plays in the Woods…?, The Philistines Jr.’s upcoming album set to release on Oct. 19. Although it doesn’t drop for a few weeks, you can download Frightened Rabbit’s take on “My Brother Tom, the Green Beret” here.