Help Pay Steve Albini's Studio Mortgage

Steve Albini
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The A.V. Club Chicago reports that Silkworm’s Tim Midgett has launched a campaign to pay off the mortgage on Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio.

The studio isn’t in danger of closing, nor is Albini asking for help, but Electrical Audio does have an outstanding balance of $230,000 on its mortgage. The Pay Off Electrical Audio campaign aims to find 2000 people to donate $115 apiece to pay off the Chicago studio’s debt. “I know this campaign will be an embarrassment to owner Steve Albini, but it will be an embarrassment to the rest of us if it fails,” Midgett wrote on the donation page. “Sort of. I don’t know, I just want to see if it will work.”

There’s no minimum donation, so if $115 is a little steep for you, you can still give what you can here. The site launched two days ago and has already raised close to $33,000.