Kanye West Dates a Bird in Epic Video for "Runaway"

Kanye West
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Ye for Kanye and making beastiality seem like NBD!

Just kidding. Kind of.

West revealed his Taylor Swift apology song “Runaway” at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. And today he revealed his tremendous plan to execute a 40-minute long music video for five(ish)-minute song.

The mini-movie follows West seducing a phoenix that has crash-landed on Planet Earth. Then, sadly, when people don’t accept the relationship as socially-acceptable, the feathered female-friend flees our world, returning to hers by setting herself on fire.

And because the story-line wouldn’t make sense otherwise, Ye shot the profanity-laden number in the Czech Republic.

No word when editing wraps up and the Kanye-described “film noir” video drops.

“Runaway” appears on his still-unnamed upcoming album.

Here’s to the douchebags!

Watch West’s VMA performance of “Runaway” below:
Check out a clip of the vid on Kanye’s site.