Lost Marc Bolan Track to be Released on Someone Else's Record?

Marc Bolan
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Rolan Bolan, do you know about this? A band in South Wales is reportedly putting out a new album that includes a previously unreleased track from T. Rex legend Marc Bolan.

Garbo—which at no point included Bolan—recorded the album in 1983, complete with their rendition of the Bolan song, but the label they were signed to folded. The band tried to get the rights to the aptly-titled The Lost Masters, but the album spent the past 27 years locked away in storage.

The group finally won the rights to their recording and had it digitally remastered. This is where it gets weird: During the remastering sessions, the duo uncovered “Highwire,” an unreleased Marc Bolan demo and decided to use their version of it as a bonus track on their album.

Garbo is unsurprisingly riding the Bolan wave pretty hard. If you buy The Lost Masters before the end of November, you will be automatically entered in a raffle to win a purple satin top worn by the late T. Rex frontman.

To buy a copy of the CD, e-mail garbomasters@btinternet.com.