Mark Ronson to Reunite Culture Club?

Mark Ronson
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Now that he’s had time to realize his crimes, will his bandmates let him love and steal three decades later?

With a little help from producer Mark Ronson, Boy George is looking to reunite with his former Culture Club bandmates for their 30th anniversary.

George appears on the track “Somebody to Love Me” on Ronson’s latest album, Record Collection. According to Ronson, the pair will collaborate on a few shows and possibly a new Culture Club record.

“Boy George is going to do some shows with my band, and we have talked about collaborating on a new Culture Club record because in 2012 it’s their 30th anniversary,” he said.

Record Collection hits stores Sept. 27. If 2012 is too long to wait for a Culture Club reunion, bask in the glory of “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” below.