New Documentary on José González Spans Five Continents

José González
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Directors Mikel Cee Karisson and Fredrik Egerstrand follow González through his journey recording his second album in The Extraordinary Ordinary José González.

The film spans 74-minutes, exploring González’s progress on In Our Nature through live performance footage, video diary and animation.

González narrates the piece with personal reflections and outloud thoughts.

Extraordinary was shot over a three-year period on location in Japan, Singapore, Sweden, England, South Africa, the US, Chile and Argentina.

“There is something absurd, fascinating and beautiful in our attempts to find meaning in our existence,” Karisson said. “With The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González, we wanted to give form to the personal artistic process. How personal reflection and everyday fragments of life shapes our input and output.”

Screenings are currently limited to the festival circuit.

Watch a trailer for the documentary below: