Pavement Wants You to Play Guitar With Them

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When proverbial indie rock gods Pavement announced their impending reunion and extensive tour after an 11-year-long hiatus, the proverbial indie rock Olympus (read: the Internet) nearly caved in with anticipation. Now, Pavement has further smiled upon us mere mortals.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (which, by the way, has one of the best house bands around) will feature Pavement as its musical guest on September 23. And, according to a post on the show’s site, one lucky person is going to be granted the supremely awesome opportunity of playing guitar with the band. Yep: Pavement wants one of us, a regular dude or dudette, to play with them on national television.

To enter the contest, upload a video of yourself playing one of their songs by next Wednesday, September 8. The band will pick some of their favorites, and the winner will be ultimately chosen via an online vote.

Check out the video of Fallon announcing the contest below.