The Avett Brothers Produce New G. Love Album

The Avett Brothers
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For the first time in the band’s history, The Avett Brothers have produced an album for someone else.

Almost a year ago after an Avett Brothers show in Boston, Paste had the pleasure of introducing Garret Dutton (aka G. Love) to the band and then stood by like a proverbial third wheel while they hit it off. Being a lucky fly on the wall, we learned how much the Avetts were inspired by G. Love’s early career with his ability to re-imagine classic “back porch” blues in a modern style, which helped the Avett’s believe they, too, could stay true to their musical heritage.

The new friendship was further forged when both artists were performing in June at moe.’s annual Summer Camp while spending time jamming on the Avett’s tour Bus as captured below by Avett bassist Joe Kwon.

So it came as little surprise when G. love—who had been looking for potential producing partners for his new album—asked the North Carolina-based brothers to join him at Echo Mountain Recording Studio, a beautiful converted church, in Asheville.

The session ended last week, and by all accounts from both camps, the recording vibe was powerful, simple and honest. G.Love’s album is currently set for release in Spring of next year.