Watch the Trailer for Gnomeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare’s age-old tale of two lovelorn, star-crossed lovers has seen quite a few remakes in its time. (Remember this cinematic gem?) Now, thanks to the magic of CGI and Touchstone Pictures, the famed tragedy will be receiving a treatment that’s a pretty far cry from its theatrical beginnings.

Gnomeo and Juliet, the Kelly Asbury-directed retelling, takes Romeo and Juliet from stage to lawn, with the normally human characters being replaced by garden gnomes. That’s right: short, chubby porcelain creatures that come to life when their owners aren’t looking. And folks thought men playing women’s roles in Shakespeare’s time was weird!

Gnomeo is voiced by James McAvoy, while Emily Blunt handles the voice of Juliet. Other familiar vocals were contributed by the likes of Michael Caine, Maggie Smith and Patrick Stewart, and Elton John co-produced and soundtracked it. Watch the trailer for the film, set for a release of March 4, 2011, below.