Bryan Ferry Hints at New Roxy Music Album

Bryan Ferry
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Bryan Ferry recently revealed that he’d be open to recording another Roxy Music album, as long as it was more “experimental.”

The frontman’s upcoming solo album Olympia was rumored to have started out as a Roxy record, but Ferry told Pitchfork that that wasn’t the case. “I started working on most of these songs as a solo project, and then I toyed with the idea of turning it into a Roxy album,” he said. “But it just didn’t feel right, so it became a solo record again. In the interim, most of the guys from the Roxy world did some playing on a couple of the tracks. It’s nice to have them in small cameo roles.”

As for the possibility of reteaming with Brian Eno and company for a new release, Ferry said the following: “I still do shows with Roxy, but if I were to do another Roxy album, it’d be much more abstract and experimental than this record, which is more song-based.”

Olympia hits stores Oct. 26.