Danger Mouse to Produce New U2 Album

Danger Mouse
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Just days after U2 manager Paul McGuinness revealed that a new offering from the band would be headed our way this spring, frontman Bono announced that the upcoming record will be produced by Danger Mouse.

“We have about 12 songs with him,” he told The Age. “At the moment that looks like the album we will put out next because it’s just happening so easily.”

The band also has a “club” record than they plan on releasing after the Danger Mouse album hits stores, which will feature collaborations with RedOne and Will.I.Am. Spider-Man musical fans also might get an album of Spidey-inspired tunes, but don’t count on it just yet. Bono said he’s having a hard time getting his bandmates to record the superhero songs. “We haven’t convinced the rest of the band to do that yet,” he said. “Larry definitely has a raised eyebrow.”

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