Keith Richards to Release Greatest Hits

Keith Richards
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The legendary Rolling Stones guitarist will release his first-ever solo greatest hits compilation on Nov. 2.

Vintage Vinos will be out on Mindless Records and will feature remastered tracks from Talk is Cheap, Live at the Hollywood Palladium and Main Offender. The album also includes the acoustic “Hurricane,” which was previously only available to fans who donated to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. If you pre-order on Richards’ website, you’ll be automatically entered to win a signed copy of his autobiography Life as well.

1. Take It So Hard
2. Big Enough
3. You Don’t Move Me
4. Struggle
5. Make No Mistake
6. Too Rude (live)
7. Time Is On My Side (live)
8. Happy (live)
9. Connection (live)
10. Wicked As It Seems
11. Eileen
12. Hate It When You Leave
13. Locked Away
14. Hurricane