Mumford & Sons to Switch Gears on New Album

Mumford & Sons
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Mumford & Sons  recently told the NME that they plan on changing up their sound for their second album.

“I would like—to an extent—to tear down everything we built with Sigh No More and start again with the second album,” keyboardist Ben Lovett said. “There are things in our lives that carry more weight and substance than simply saying, ‘Things are going really well, let’s write some songs about that.’ There’s more to life than the success of this band.”

The group is expecting to alienate some fans with their new sounds. “We’ve had a very long honeymoon period,” frontman Marcus Mumford told the magazine. “I’m sure that people will start disliking us more publicly, because our music is becoming more public and not everyone is going to like it.”

Recording on the follow-up to Sigh No More is set to begin next year.

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