Panasonic Discontinues Technics Turntables

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It’s been a rough week for old-school audiophiles. Panasonic announced recently that it’s discontinuing its Technics audio products, including its iconic SL-1200 analog turntables.

The Technics turntable has been a favorite of DJs ever since its 1972 debut, with over 3.5 million units produced. It was widely popular in the hip-hop community because its durability allowed for plenty of scratching. In addition to the SL-1200 turntable, Panasonic will retire the SH-EX1200 analog audio mixer and the RP-DH1200 and RP-DJ1200 stereo headphones.

“Panasonic decided to end production mainly due to a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production,” the company said in a statement.