Ron Sexsmith Documentary Premieres at Vancouver International Film Fest

Ron Sexsmith
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Love Shines, a documentary chronicling the past seven years of Ron Sexsmith’s career, premieres today at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

The movie features interviews with Steve Earle, Elvis Costello, Daniel Lanois and Feist about Sexsmith’s career, and a good chunk of the flick focuses on the recording of Long Player Late Bloomer, his upcoming album.

Sexsmith told Spinner that he plans on packaging the documentary DVD with his new album in February and that he’d like to include video from his 2006 Massey Hall concert as bonus footage.

“In the film they only show one song from it,” he said. “I always thought it would be good if it comes out on DVD, maybe they could have six or seven songs from that; it seems like everyone in the world has a live DVD out except me.”

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