Sony Retires the Walkman After 30 Years

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Hold onto that old Walkman you’ve got sitting in the back of your closet next to the stack of mixtapes, because it’s now offically a historical artifact.

Sony announced recently that after 30-plus years, it will discontinue the portable cassette player. The company reportedly shipped their last batch of Walkmen to stores in April.

Say what you will about the Walkman (those flimsy foam headphones were kind of a bummer, we admit), but it was the first handheld music listening device, and it paved the way for CD players and MP3 players.

Besides, anything that spawned the mixtape can’t be all bad. Remember sitting by the radio waiting for your favorite song to play so you could make a shoddy recording of it and include it on the mix? Fare thee well, Walkman. We raise our iPods in tribute to you.