Warner Bros. Announces Danny Elfman and Tim Burton Box Set

Danny Elfman
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Tim Burton  has certain people he likes to work with, you know, most all of the time.

Burton’s works often feature a familiar reoccurring cast: actor Johnny Depp and Burton’s domestic partner Helena Bonham Carter are two of his many collaborators. Along those same lines, Danny Elfman has composed music for all but five of the films in Burton’s extensive career. To celebrate 25 years of their collaboration, Warner Bros. Records is releasing a highly elaborate package.

The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box is a limited-edition numbered box set of only 1000 copies that compiles the 13 original scores Elfman created for Burton’s films, including everything from 1985’s Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure to 1990’s Edward Scissorhands, all the way up to this year’s Alice in Wonderland. It’ll also feature music from some of the pair’s lesser-known collaborations, like Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Jar, Beetlejuice: The Animated Series, and Danny Elfman’s unused score to the Edward Scissorhands Ballet.

The 19 hours of music are accompanied by an exhaustive accretion of multimedia and paraphernalia, including a 250-plus page fine linen-wrapped hardbound book, an extended discussion between Elfman and Burton on DVD, an exclusively designed Skeleton Key USB flash drive and liner notes. Following Burton’s distinctive style, all of this is housed in a large scale, tin-covered music box crowned with a working zoetrope. It’ll be available this December.

For more information, or to preorder the breathtaking collection (pictured), visit BurtonElfman.com.