Finally, High-End 3D Glasses!

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Tired of looking like a geeky frumpster at all the latest movie screenings? Thankfully, the future (and two fashion lines) have brought us stylish 3D spectacles!

Oakley recently announced a special edition to coincide with the release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy Dec. 17. “This film will be an incredible visual experience, and those who view it with Oakley 3D eyewear will get the most out of it by enjoying the clarity and 3D performance of unparalleled design,” Colin Baden, Oakley’s CEO, said on their website.

Another fashion forward tech company Marchon3D even offers a feature useful in boring old 2D: They double as sunglasses. According to the company’s website, “a key feature of the new eyewear is that the lenses also block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and can be used outdoors as sunglasses.”

Marchon3D has already kended out its groundbreaking technology to fashion lines like Coach, Fendi and Disney.

Watch a Marchon3D (and its designing comrades) promo below: