Danielson Readies First New Album in Five Years

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Daniel Christopher Smith’s pop project Danielson is set to drop Best of Gloucester County on Feb. 22.

The album, which is perhaps-confusingly not a collection of hits, marks Smith’s first release on his own Sounds Familyre label and his first Danielson album in five years. Best of Gloucester County is a localphile celebration of Smith and his players’ hometown.

During the collective’s hiatus, Smith revamped the line-up—most notably, perhaps, excluding his drumming brothers Andrew and David and bosom buddies Chris (keys) and Ted (bass and guitar). Joining the classic roster (Gloucester County citizens all) is Patrick Berkery handling percussion, Evan Mazunik on keys, Joshua Stamper plucking bass, Sufjan Stevens covering the banjo and Andrew Wilson shreds electric guitar.


1. Complimentary Dismemberment Insurance
2. This Day Is A Loaf
3. Grow Up
4. Lil Norge
5. But I Don’t Wanna Sing About Guitars
6. People’s Partay
7. Olympic Portions
8. You Sleep Good Now
9. Hovering Above That Hill
10. Denominator Bluise
11. Hosanna In The Forest

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