Drive-By Truckers Ready New Album

Drive-by Truckers
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Go-Go Boots, the 11th studio album by Drive-By Truckers, will be released Feb. 15.

The album will feature more of the band’s tried-and-true Southern sounds. “We recorded nearly 40 songs last year and into this year and fairly early on divided it into two separate albums,” Patterson Hood writes in a statement. “The Big To-Do, released first, was the more straightforward rock album. Go-Go Boots is what I sometimes (semi-jokingly) refer to as our country, soul, and murder ballad album. Those elements definitely play into it, but it’s a little more open ended than that.”

In addition to Go-Go Boots, the band will release a documentary called The Secret to a Happy Ending, which will also be available on Feb. 15 via iTunes. On Record Store Day (Nov. 26), they’ll offer up a limited edition 10” of “Thanksgiving Filter” and “Used To Be A Cop” for sale at independent record stores.

1. I Do Believe
2. Go-Go Boots
3. Dancin’ Ricky
4. Cartoon Gold
5. Ray’s Automatic Weapon
6. Everybody Needs Love
7. Assholes
8. The Weakest Man
9. Used To Be A Cop
10. The Fireplace Poker
11. Where’s Eddie
12. The Thanksgiving Filter
13. Pulaski
14. Mercy Buckets

You can also catch them on tour in a city near you:

10 — Asheville, N.C. @ Orange Peel
11 — Asheville, N.C. @ Civic Center
31 — New York, N.Y. @ Terminal 5

1 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ TLA
13 — Athens, Ga. @ 40 Watt
14 — Athens, Ga. @ 40 Watt
15 — Athens, Ga. @ 40 Watt
20 — Miami, Fla. @ Culture Room
21 — Tampa, Fla. @ The Ritz Ybor
22 — Orlando, Fla. @ House of Blues
23 — Jacksonville, Fla. @ Freebird Live
28 — Oxford, Miss. @ The Lyric
29 — Nashville, Tenn. @ Cannery Ballroom