Grad Student Uses HIV DNA to Record Album

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A grad student at the University of Georgia has composed an instrumental album based on the DNA of the HIV virus.

For Sounds of HIV, which was released on Oct. 26, Alexandra Pajak by assigning pitches to the nucleotides in the viruses genetic code. Pajak told AOL that she tried to stay as true as possible to the code. “I stayed very loyal to the DNA,” she said. “Every segment of the virus was assigned music pitches that correspond to the segment’s scientific properties. The sounds literally reflect the nature of the virus … There was a lot of logic involved in this. I also broke down 20 amino acids and proteins and assigned pitches to those. I used the A-minor scale for the amino acids based on their level of attraction to water. So, when you hear this CD, you’re literally hearing the entire genome of the HIV virus.”

Proceeds from the album will benefit AIDS research at the Emory Vaccine Center. Have a listen below: