Jack White and Norah Jones Contribute to New Danger Mouse Album

jack white

Danger Mouse recently revealed appearances by Jack White and Norah Jones on his forthcoming Daniele Luppi-produced new album.

“I played some of the music for Jack White when I was on tour shortly after doing the first session, just to show him what I was doing, because at the time everyone thought I was just a hip-hop guy, or whatever,” Danger Mousetold The Guardian. “He liked it, but at the time I wasn’t even thinking of using him – you know, it’s Jack White. But in the end, I thought, he’s really into it – why not?”

The Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi project has been dubbed “Rome” and feeds off the duo’s fandom for 1960s Italian romance soundtracks.

There is currently no tracklisting or release date for the album.