Ryan Adams Revives Record Label, Announces Double Album

Ryan Adams
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Ryan Adams  has once againofficially (re-)launched his own record label, called PAX•AM, which, as the website notes, features “bands such as Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals and more eclectic tastes such as Ryan Adams.”

To celebrate the label’s launch, Mr. Mandy Moore has re-released Orion. The second-pressing vinyl edition also comes with a digital download code. You can pick up your copy for $16.99 here.

Adams also revealed that a new Ryan Adams & The Cardinals double-LP will be available soon. III/IV was recorded back in 2007 during the Easy Tiger sessions and is described as “double album concept rock opera about the ‘80’s, ninjas, cigarettes, sex, and pizza” featuring influences “ranging from Kiss to The Cars.” Sounds like our kinda party!


Side A:
1. Breakdown Into Resolve
2. Dear Candy
3. Wasteland
4. Ultraviolet Light
5. Stop Playing With My Heart

Side B:
1. Lovely And Blue
2. Happy Birthday
3. Kisses Start Wars
4. The Crystal Skull
5. Users

Side C:
1. No
2. Numbers
3. Grace
4. Icebreaker
5. Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing Well

Side D:
1. Typecast
2. Star Wars 
3. My Favorite Song
4. P.S.
5. Death and Rats
6. Kill The Lights

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