Talib Kweli Preps Two New Albums

Talib Kweli
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Talib Kweli  recently told SoulCultureTV that he’s got two new albums in the works.

Gutter Rainbows and Prisoners of Conscious will be the rapper’s fifth and sixth solo records, respectively, and his first since 2007’s Eardrum. “I have a new project called Gutter Rainbows, which I’m putting out completely outside the music business, but people still need to see it and feel it,” he said. “I’ve been working on this album called Prisoners of Conscious, and that album is not ready. There’s a lot of music and statements I want to make on that album that I’m still working on, but I still feel the need to put music out. So Gutter Rainbows is almost like the early outtakes of Prisoners of Conscious, but just embellished upon.”

Watch SoulCultureTV’s full interview with Talib Kweli below.